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Whatsapp Mobile Legends Video Submissions Group

Posted: Fri Dec 14, 2018 2:26 pm
by owl
Hi everyone,

I would like to introduce and share a Mobile Legends group meant for submitting videos.

This is to facilitate our Mobile Legends community and to engage our players.

The submitted videos will be re-rendered to a video montage after a period of time and uploaded to Youtube. We will share the video across all our social media and Whatsapp groups, including this forum's "Videos"!

If you have submitted a video, we will give you credits in the video and in the video description, if you wish. ;)

So no worries, we are not stealing your video.

If you agree to the above and below terms, this is the Whatsapp link for Mobile Legends Group meant for Video Submissions:

Note: Inactive users will be kicked. Please submit a Mobile Legends ONLY related video upon joining.
Videos should only be related to Mobile Legends, but off-topic videos are fine as long as it does not feature graphic content, repeated use of vulgarities or porn.

Thank you! :lol:

When submitting videos:
Post your videos with your IGN/Credit name.

Post Video
Video Description: Cr: {your IGN/name you prefer to be credited)