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Scammers Phone Number List

Posted: Thu Dec 06, 2018 6:25 am
by owl
To protect our users and group members (including mine and others)

I will be releasing and updating the list of scammers on my group chat, with their full phone numbers. This is for blacklisting purposes.

These numbers were in one or more of my group chats scamming people by using phishing sites.

Blacklist (Scammers)

+60 17-706 0646
+62 831-4520-4326
+62 857-6893-7171

The following may not be scammers but they are spammers. They are also kicked as it is not allowed.

Blacklist (Spammers)

+7 900 321-69-21
+62 858-9963-9496
+91 79081 44606